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Interesting Facts about India’s Republic Day

by ValueMax Advisors 27-Jan-2014

Many persons all through India commemorate the nation's Republic Day, which is a gazetted holiday on January 26 each year. It is a day to recall when India's constitution came into force on January 26, 1950, accomplishing the country's transition toward evolving an unaligned republic. Although, with the self-reliance and the labours affiliated with it evolving more and more historic or old; there is a growing fear that the youth of today are not able to realise the magnitude of what transpired before 1947.

Here are 7 facts that you might want to know and realise about India’s Republic Day and the customs that rule it.


1.     One important thing that most people remember about our Republic Day is that the our Constitution came into reality and was formally presented on that day. The Constitution of India was handwritten and calligraphed in two major languages i.e. Hindi and English and this is not typeset or published. The initial copies are kept  in the Library of the assembly of India in special helium-filled situations.

2.     284 constituents of the Constituent Assembly (which included 15 women) marked the hand-written articles on January 24, 1950 and it came into force on January 26 the identical year.


3.     The designated day 26 January, as every person understands, was when the Constitution of India came into force. This designated day was, later on, selected to respect the memory of the “Declaration of self-reliance of 1930” from the British Rule.


4.     The Prime Minister locations a wreath at Amar Jawan Jyoti as a assess of esteem to the thousands of soldiers of the homeland who had died battling for the Indian self-reliance.


5.     The President of India presents prestigious bravery accolades such as Ashoka Chakra, Kirti Chakra, Param swerve Chakra, swerve Chakra and Maha swerve Chakra to Indian equipped Forces and citizens for their actions of bravery and bravery. young kids who stood out with their courage and presented actions of bravery are also bestowed the nationwide Bravery award.


6.     Gun salutes are the blasting of cannons and arms as a military or naval assess of honour. The President of India reaches at Rajpath with other dignitaries unfurls the Indian National flag as the Indian National Anthem is performed and a 21-gun salute is given.


7.     One of the most popular melody that is performed at the Republic day functions is 'Abide with me', a Christian hymn, which was said to be our Nation-Father Mahatma Gandhi's favourite.

I am composing this finer article for the benefit of all the youngsters. The freedom and soverignity, we enjoy has not arrive on a single day. Our elders have struggled and lost their life in the flexibility movement disperse over near 300 years. The great Visionary managers have furthermore provided us a magnificent Constitution. None of these managers, who have marked the constitution are living today.

It is the responsiblity of every one of us to salute our great leaders and flexibility combatants on this day and reside upto their dream.


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