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Six documents to check when booking a flat

by Binni Anand 16-Jun-2014

1.Construction Clearances
A 'certificate of commencement' is mandatory to commence any construction of a property.The certificate is issued by the town planning and engineering department post the inspection of the basic foundation for a superstructure and building boundaries.This also means that the builder would have obtained the required licenses, sanctions and permissions for the map that are required before you can even start excavating.
2.Master Plan of the Area
Often builders claim future infrastructural development of the area such as upcoming metro or highway near the project.Don't believe everything blindly.Look at the area's master planning to verify.These plans are easily available with the town planning department.
3.Land Use Certificate
It is illegal to have residential properties on a commercial or industrial zone.Apply to the urban development authority and check the certificate to ensure that the property you plan to purchase is in the residential zone.
4.Approved Planning
It is good to run an additional check and verify that the building plan and layout plan has been approved and no byelaw applicable in the area has been broken. Make sure that the floor where you have booked your flat has been approved in the building plan.
5.Land Record
It validates whether the land where the project is coming up has been registered and development rights transferred.
6.No Objection Certificates (NOCs)
The builder should also be able to give you a copy of the urban land ceiling NOC (if applicable), an environment clearance NOC as well as NOCs from the electricity, water and lift authorities, if there is one.

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